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Re: [at-l] Avery Awards and Avery monitors

I'm going to have to agree, at least in principle, to something more honest
and ethical than the ease with which anyone can get a ThruHiker 2000-Miler

I KNOW that when the names are printed in the end of the year ATC magazine,
that the ThruHikers know who hiked the entire AT and who applied for the
patch as a Poser.

BUT, the PUBLIC doesn't know and if a poser goes out and tells them he's a
ThruHiker and then passes the hat for donations or whatever (here we go
again, geeesh when will Coosa shut up!) (When the Truth is Revealed, then
I'll be quiet), then the PUBLIC is duped.  Oh, no harm, done?   Well, in my
not too humble opinion, some harm IS done.  It demeans the accomplishment of
those who really do hike.  Especially if the PUBLIC is later exposed to a
REAL ThruHiker -- and think that he's exaggerating or that "anyone can hike
the AT, it's no big deal, afterall, XYZ hiked it and he's in a
heelchair"  -- they think that the AT is a cakewalk.

And then what?  They become Turons and go hiking with NO water in the middle
of summer.  Or cotton sox in the middle of winter.  WHY?  Because the Poser
told us he did it and after all he's such a grand guy and has such a grand
organization and HE wouldn't LIE, now would he?

Maybe the method Dan Bruce suggests is a bit drastic, but I think his idea
bears some serious thought.   OR maybe there should be NO ATC patches at
all.  How about if each Maintaining Club gave a certificate and patch.  Like
the GATC does.   Maybe THAT would produce more honesty in reporting?   To
get the GATC patch, there's a form you complete listed the sections of the
Trail and the dates you hiked them.  You attest that it is the truth and you
get a certificate.   Okay, so someone could lie about that, too, but we're
talking having to fill out a bunch of forms and mail them out -- one for
each Maintaining Club's Section of the AT -- someone would have to be
dedicated to want to do that!

Maybe the posers produce turons in their wake.   I dunno.

Okay, I'll be quiet now, for a minute anyway.

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