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Re: [at-l] Parking at Davenport Gap

Don't do it!  I was there one year, like maybe '92, and parked in the
Davenport Gap parking lot next to the ranger's house.  I don't believe
there's anyone living there, anymore, or maybe the house is gone, too.
Anyway, all through the Smokies, I heard reports that every car in the lot
had been broken into.  Sure 'nuff, when we got there, my car had had a back
window broken out ($75 worth), and all I had had to steal was my toll money
for the return trip, something like 50 cents.  The ranger told me to take
everthing out of my car the next time and to leave the car unlocked.  I did
that in '93.  My car (very old and ugly) was fine when I got back, but the
Jeep next to my car had been stolen outright.  It's not a safe place.

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