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Re: [at-l] Re: Debates...


To a way down yonder, down home, 'Bama-born Southerner like myself, a Yankee
is anyone from all parts north of Upper East Tennessee......

Take Care,

Tim Rich
Kennesaw, GA
(just north of that Yankee enclave, Atlanta)

On Thu, 2 Mar 2000 12:32:06 +0000, Paul A Magnanti wrote:
>  Speaking of Yankees.... on my visits to Louisianna, it was very funny to
>  be called a "Yankee" for two reasons:
>  1) As you probably guessed, I am a Red Sox Fan
>  2)  In New England (where I am from),  "Yankees" are the people who have
>  been in New England  for umpteenth generations. In fact, in Rhody the
>  local knickname is a "Swamp Yankee".  So for this person who most
>  definitely does not exactly have an Anglo-Saxon name AND despises the
>  Stankees, it was rather interesting. :D
>  (Now see..isn't Red Sox and Yankee bashing much more fun! :D..now to have
>  some real fun let us discuss the Bruins vs. the Canadiens (BOO!)   )
>  Mags

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