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[at-l] A year ago today

A year ago today,,Amazon and I started our thru hike from Springer Mt...What an adventure we had! It changed both of our lives big time!!!! We hiked 800 miles,,,kayaked about 100 miles,,,and finally I listened to the doctor and went home. BTW,,,my toe is almost fully healed,,,should be about another month and I'll be ready to backpack again!!!
    Amazon and I fell in love and are very happy together. I learned a lot on that hike. People were right about one thing,,,hiking the AT will Change your life!!! We plan on hiking the AT in 2001,,,from Maine to Georgia this time! Thanks to all the people that helped us on our way. We plan on doing some trial magic this year. Anyone hiking this year,,,when you get to the TN/NC area,,,give us a call! Good luck thru hikers of "OO"   ,,,,,,,   KC and Amazon