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RE: [at-l] ... a respectful suggestion - a nice hike in VA

Spring weather has come to Virginia too.  Last Sunday, I took a circuit hike
in SNP to test out some new shoes.  The shoes were great and the hike which
I hadn't done before turned out to be great also.  

First the shoes.  I have always worn boots when hiking.  But based on the
discussion of the NB 802 running shoes that I've been hearing lately, I
bought a pair of NB 803s (the latest model) and wore them.  They were great.
The climb was rocky, reasonably rugged, with many stream crossings and
slippery rocks.  Never slipped once.  Feet seemed to have plenty of support.

The hike: Starting from VA 614 (north of Sperryville), went up Little Devil
Staircase/down the AT/down Piney Ridge Trail/back on Hull School Trail to
the car.  Great 11 mile circuit hike.  The uphill is steep, the downhill
gentle on the knees, and it passes two old cemetaries to boot.  I recommend
it highly.


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