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Re: [at-l] ... a respectful suggestion

At 08:39 AM 3/2/00 -0500, W F Thorneloe, MD wrote:

Well I have spent a bit of time taking to the trees these last couple days
(not enough, evidently <g>) and at 2000 ft, there is snow on the north
side....and mud on the south.  The trees would be confused by this warm
snap if they couldn't call on the wisdom of decades saying hold on....
just a little bit longer.  The streams are laughing though......they say they
can't wait.

Hopeful.....please post that peice again?????

>Yes! Great idea.
>For anyone noticing, it is March 2. The crocuses and jonquils are both 
>blooming in my yard - never before in memory. The Vincas have their purple 
>blooms and faint smell. My blueberry bushes are laden with buds. The tulip 
>poplars are blooming. It is Spring time in Georgia at the 800 foot level.
>What's happening up at 2000 feet?
>At 05:35 AM 3/2/2000, Robert L Dudley wrote:
>>We should be channeling our energies to hiking.  The snow is gone in PA
>>and the weather is very pleasant for March.  I had to run to the store
>>last night and instead of taking the car I walked.
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