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Re: [at-l] The Handbook, the Companion, and a respectful suggestion

Jim has spoken!!  I have had the great pleasure of meeting Jim and always
look forward to his posts.  He is so Zen like in his philosophy and we
all should try to have some of those qualities in our own lives.

I myself had sent a little mini-rant (full of misspellings) about the
lists obsessions with Wing Foot.  I have never been a member of his
mailing list and I do not have any first hand knowledge about the person.
 I do know that he used to post a lot to this list and then was a lurker
for a long time.  It turns out that we both have similar ideas about some
aspects of hiking as he had contacted me off list several times.  I,
however, adhere more to Jim's philosophy of hiking your own hike.  I am
not going to criticize anyone if they like Wing Foot,  Several members on
this list like the man and I do not have a problem with that.  This list
is likened to a campfire with room for everybody,  As I have stated
before I would hold a place for Wing Foot if we decided to join the list

We should be channeling our energies to hiking.  The snow is gone in PA
and the weather is very pleasant for March.  I had to run to the store
last night and instead of taking the car I walked.  It was very pleasant
and I am anticipating it being light in the evenings so I can take
extended walks.  Lets us have trip reports, gear reports, and yes more of
the parapackers.

Grey Owl
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