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Re: [at-l] More threats and misinformation . . .

Maybe if WF would just publish his guide instead of playing games, 
he would have less time to worry about this copyright BS. And if he doesn't 
want to publish it, then what the H--- is the big problem?
I don't care one way or the other what he does.... I have the 2000 Data book
and the Companion..... If he had published his guide... I would have bought 
too.... I give equal time to all...


In a message dated 02/29/2000 11:08:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
thornel@attglobal.net writes:

<< Let me agree with BMC on this one. WF has the bunch of us jumping on a 
 bandwagon, reacting as if he is the powerful force that can shut down our 
 sport. If there is a question of ownership or authorship of trail guides, 
 by all means a fact finder (judge or jury) may be helpful.
 If we decide to take a deep breath, we might reconsider all the complaints 
 of poor income and such. If the handbook provides such little income, there 
 may be little financial injury. There may be too little money at stake to 
 interest a lawyer working on contingency. Even if there is such a large 
 stake, we can be certain that ALDHA and ATC are insured for such 
 WF has taken a lot of heat over the past 2 years, and it has shown with a 
 series of strange events. His feelings are easily hurt. He is at least as 
 guilty as any of us in hitting the SEND button before engaging the THINK 
 ABOUT IT button. I think we can survive better allowing him to do what he 
 pleases with his business. I think our agitation over these messages 
 confers far more power than is appropriate to this fellow hiker.
 Can we try to "Hike your own hike?"
 Atlanta, GA
 At 07:07 AM 2/29/2000, woodelf@juno.com wrote:
 >Sounds to me like it's all about money. A lot of it will be our money if
 >he does sue ALDHA and the ATC. What a shame to be in position to do so
 >much good and then to squander it all on narrow minded ideas and
 >vindictiveness. I pity him, life must be a real hell for someone who
 >imagines himself so persecuted.
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