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Re: [at-l] The Handbook, the Companion, and a respectful suggestion

In a message dated 3/1/00 6:53:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
baltjack@hotmail.com writes:

<<  All I'm  saying is that there is a way to pursue this discussion in such 
a way that 
 renders the commentary as worthwhile, honorable, and a credit to this 
 mailing list.  Several of the recent posts have decidedly NOT fit this 
 description.  I think we can do better. >>

Near as I can tell - blind as I can be sometimes - we haven't even said 
anything remotely derogatory like that.  In fact, for him to have stepped 
across the line to suing the organizations most of us belong to and pay dues 
- NON PROFIT organizations that do nothing but good for OUR Trail, mostly - 
that is taking it so far it's incredible.  But STILL you haven't seen the 
kind of derogatory thing HERE that WF says about EVERYONE on this list - 
whether in private emails or public postings, or "gently" discouraging anyone 
on this list from having a journal on his site by pointing out that they are 
"more at-l people than atml people", just for the fact that they are ON this 
list.  In truth, Jack (and I have always enjoyed debating with you, in person 
or email, and always found you had something of worth and importance to say) 
what has been said on this list recently has only been in response - TOTALLY 
in response - to what he is doing now - and what we fear THAT is doing to the 
hiking AT community as a whole.  I haven't even seen the usual emails here 
from some people about him, from people who have more reason than his latest 
actions, to post.  If you want to stop us from discussing this, reasonably so 
far, which so far I think we have done - talk to him.  Get HIM to see what a 
terrible thing this whole situation is for thruhikers in particular, and 
hikers in general.  There is no way that his actions will help the hiking 
community.  It may win him something, it may lose him something.  But he 
isn't just playing with HIS ideas here - he is trying to make out the 
legitmate organizations, mostly VOLUNTEERS who receive NO money for the 
effort, as he did, as doing something TO him - and he doesn't appear to care 
what the consequences of his actions are on the community as a whole.  If he 
really cares about the AT community, he will stop this, and work with others, 
instead of just using his list as a forum to condemn them. Enough people on 
the other side of his argument have tried to extend a consoling, helping, 
caring hand - and he rejects it always in favor of putting those people down. 

You yourself have a great opportunity, as one with much experience in this 
community, to make a difference.  Telling us we're being bad - when in fact 
we've been moderate in tone so far - isn't going to help.  Talk to HIM.  He 
has said far worse things about this list than has been so far mentioned in 
ANY post on this list, this time around.

The Redhead (ducking and running, but damnit, I love this community (not just 
THIS list, but the community as a WHOLE, and don't want to see it destroyed 
over this whole issue).
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