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Re: [at-l] A Question

What's wrong with the trail over Albert Mtn?  :-)

Here's a typical conversation I had often in the miles after going over 

Some random northbounder(SRN):  So, what are the White Mountains like?

Me: Well, do you remember the last 200' of climbing over Mt. Albert?  
Imagine that for 2000'.

SRN:  What?  No way!

Me:  Yes, well, not for all of it, but for quite a few of the major climbs 
out of the Notches.

SRN:  I can't do that!

Me:  By the time you get there, you WILL be able to do it.  You just have to 
plan on going slow.

etc.  etc.


Stitches, GAME99

>From: "W F Thorneloe, MD" <thornel@attglobal.net>
>Passions flame brightly from time to time. The
>trail is very different, as passions flame as we curse the idiot who put
>the trail up and over Albert Mountain (just a for instance).
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