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Re: [at-l] A Question

Welcome to the campfire. The trail is a focus of a number of passions. 
Personally, I enjoy the freedom to walk and let the great issues of my life 
and work take a back seat to the issues of "where are my feet going, where 
is my water, where will I sleep, when do I eat?" There is a Zen to the hike 
and to the trail. As Americans, we tend to expect tolerance for our flavor 
of Zen, and often despise the Zen of others. Hence, the opportunity for 

Also, this is an email list. Passions flame brightly from time to time. The 
trail is very different, as passions flame as we curse the idiot who put 
the trail up and over Albert Mountain (just a for instance).

There are many reasons, but none of them have been logical (that I have 
heard). Most of us are human.


looking forward to sectioning and shuttling with David later this month!

At 09:39 AM 3/1/2000, dfaddleton@mindspring.com wrote:
>... I've listened to why it is important to David. I lived within 30 to 50
>minutes of one part  of the trail for most of my life.....Blairsville and
>Dahlonega. As far as I could tell most of the people I grew up with and
>lived near took it for granted.  I didn't know it was such a hot topic for
>debate and bad feelings til lately.

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