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Re: [at-l] Info on Trail Vegies (was Winged of Foot)

"W F Thorneloe, MD" wrote:

> Can you tell us more about your experience with carrots? I had
> figuring out whether they went in the front of the boot, or over the
> OrangeBug
> > > Walk in pease
> >
> >I like carrots better.

I have lots of carrot experiences. Lots. My favorite, of course, is the
that I never bought a diamond for my now ex-wife. Ironically, I was
going to for
our unreached 15th anniversary. (Ask my now ex-mother-in-law, it's
true.) So, a
lesson to be learned: Always put off buying expensive stuff in hopes
that you
may not have to latter.

Anyway, a lot of people know that carrots and ferrets rhyme. But, they
mix. What do I mean? A while back I realized that my ferrets couldn't
see none
too well. I could wave my hand right in front of their beady, little
eyes, and
they couldn't see it. So, me thinks, I 'll help them. How can I help
them short
of taking them to the eye doctor? (I actually did this with a pig
once.) Well,
everyone knows the rabbit/carrot story. Rabbits apparently have good
because they eat carrots. So, I started feeding my ferrets carrots. At
the time,
I had maybe fifteen or twenty ferrets. After a few days, the ferrets
inactive and malaise set in. This went on for a few weeks. I finally
took a
couple ( Wendell and Jasper) to the vet. (He was a friend of mine who
had been
in Viet Nam. He was not an animal doctor.) He suggested I take them to
an animal
doctor. So, I did. The check up went great. "Healthy as mules" he said.
doctor noticed that Wendell watched him as he walked around the office.
odd" he said. The doctor, not Wendell. Anyway, he said "That's odd." I
"Watt." I said this because I was doing a crossword puzzle that asked
for a
measure of electricity. (The answer was 'ohms', I think) The doctor
said "He can
actually see me. That's weird." I said "Oh, I've been feeding them
carrots so
their eyesight will be better." "Well, there's your problem," he said.
have bad eyesight for a reason. They're ugly bastards. When their
started getting better, they began to realize this. That is why the
started to
be depressed." So, now the only time my carrots and ferrets mix is in a
stew with potatoes and gravy...killer vittles.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"

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