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Re: [at-l] A Question

dfaddleton@mindspring.com wrote:

>  I
> was just wondering why the trail is so important to you...

For me, a complex answer. My father always spoke of it. He and I did a lot of
camping together. He often spoke of his years in WV (his father owned some mines
there in the 20's), and his time in the CCC stationed in TN where he worked on
the Cleveland, TN dam as the resident artist for the Dept. of Labor. Then in '50
when we moved to Marietta, GA, and I began highschool, I feel in love with the
Blue Ridge Mtns. Had I continued to live in that area I might have forgotten the
Mtns.--even as we all take for granted the area and sights that surround us. Now
that I live in ND where the only outstanding feature is wide space, I miss the
mountains even more--I've begun to take the northern plains for granted, in
spite of  the fine hunting/fishing, and many points of interest (i.e, Lewis &
Clark trail, sights of the great plains rendezvous and pow-wows, and western
terminus of the North Country National Scenic Trail).
Now, as I begin retirement, the AT presents a challenge for denying my loss of
youth. I'd guess there are as many reasons for falling in love with the trail as
there are devoted hikers of the trail. I hope you have/find a place that you can
feel as pasionate about as most AT hikers feel about the AT and the AT Hiker
Turtle  GA>ME 2K

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