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Re: [at-l] A Question

In a message dated 3/1/00, 8:40:16 AM, dfaddleton@mindspring.com writes:

<<  I didn't know it was such a hot topic for debate and bad feelings til 

Don't let this part of it fool you.  It's much more than a topic for debate 
and bad feelings.  For most of us on the list, it is a critical part of our 
lives - and our hearts.  Maybe the fact that we love it so fiercely has 
something to do with why our emotions run high over certain issues or people. 
 There are other trails, sure - but for some reason the AT is just different. 
 Yes, I'd be happy strapping my pack on and hiking ANYWHERE, because I love 
to hike.  But when I step on the AT there is a special kind of magic in it.  
Maybe it's just knowing that if I kept walking I'd end up in GA or ME.  There 
are other mountains and other trails that are spectacular, all over the 
world.  But when I need to heal, or to clear my mind and organize my 
thoughts, or just want to feel that serenity which seems to settle over my 
entire being when I step on the Trail,  - I follow the white blazes.

And the delight we all get from hiking - and our love for this particular 
Trail - is what brought us here together, and formed life long friendships 
among many of us.  We owe a lot to Ryan.

just my feelings - others will vary

The Redhead
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