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[at-l] Just curious

Last year I started my thru with an old version of WF's book thinking
the new version would be published just any day.  Well we all know how
that turned out and it will be a long time before I forget the
impressions left in my feeble little mind.  It wasn't that the book
wasn't published, far from it, it was the fact that we were constantly
told it would be any day.  If someone had just bellied up to the bar and
admitted for whatever reason that a 1999 version of the Handbook just
wasn't gonna happen we could have easily done without it.  But I
actually went into town several times early in my hike trying to find
the new version of the Handbook.  Ok so the ALDHA Companion filled the
gap somewhat, but I still wasted alot of valuable energy and time trying
to get a copy of the Handbook.

Has anyone actually seen a 2000 version of WF's book.  Actually seen
it.  Not heard of someone who has one but put your hands on it.  If so
where was it purchased?  Just curious.

Blatant statement of personal opinion below (delete / read or scroll as

I have been very disappointed by the emotional decay of certain
individuals, I am still amazed at the delusion that can be suffered when
one becomes completely paranoid.  Watching him slowly go from semi
respected authority to raving lunatic has been so sad.  It seems to me
that his only desire is to be the center of attention no matter the
cost.  Demanding respect has never worked and only makes him look
foolish.  I wouldn't worry much about his poisoning anyone with his
blathering about conspiracies to ruin him.  His quest for the holy grail
of self importance are pathetic.  I feel sorry for him.  He has brought
this entirely on himself.  I know I will never again recommend his
products (books, web or otherwise) to anyone.

This is where I say, thanks for listening I feel better now.

Ga>Me 99
aka Face Down on the Appalachian Trail

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