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Re: [at-l] Companion vs Handbook...

Good Morning,

A few thoughts on this thread:

Not only technical info comes through the ATML.  Many positions are
forwarded on the list, both technical and philosophical.  Not everyone who
disagrees with Dan has been thrown off the list.  These opposing views
provide a necessary balance on many issues.  

That being said, I agree with the majority of Dan's positions regarding the
AT.  Those I agree with are basic and are shared by the vast majority of
hikers.  He does a good job of projecting those views and reaching many. 
However, there are those areas where I believe he goes far afield, and I
feel a certain responsibility to remain on the list to help others temper or
oppose some of these positions so that they are not forwarded without
objection.  I can strongly disagree without being disagreeable, and by doing
so it's easy to remain on the list.  Besides, I still have far too much to
learn about hiking, the AT and myself to limit my avenues for learning.  

Ken, WF has said on the list that he won't deposit the checks until he sends
out the Handbooks, and for anyone unhappy with the delay to call him and
he'd tear up their check.  I've seen nothing on ATML to indicate that
they're in yet.  Latest report is that they remain at the printers.

Take Care,

Tim Rich
Kennesaw, GA
On Wed, 1 Mar 2000 02:25:13 -0500, Kenneth R. Knight wrote:
>  Besides, I still haven't gotten the 2000 edition of his book. Need to 
>  call the bank and find out what happened with the check and void it if I 
>  can (I got my ALDHA 2000 Companion just a few days after ordering it).

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