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[at-l] Re: Welll . . . .

So, do we as a group DO anything at all?

I don't want to get into any war -- I'm battling enough of them that I feel
I can either win or influence the outcome locally.   I get the Georgia
Forestwatch emails and I'm not sure what to do with those.  As it seems my
letters are too "emotionally charged" to receive any respect from the Forest
Service.   The ones they printed and liked supported their point of view,
however.   Those that raised questions that could not be answered without
their admitting to errors in judgement (as in it was the FS who supported
and urged Clear Cutting which ruined out mountains) were disgarded as 'too
emotionally charged'  -- yeah, right.   How one defines words (as we all
know from a recent very public figure) is the deciding factor in 'innocence'
and 'guilt' -- or "right" and "not-right" -- . . ..

If I can't be a "bridge over troubled water" (which will get trampled on by
the masses), then I think I'll take that LNT weekend course and go teach
those Day Hikers a few new "wilderness and life saving" tricks.


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