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Re: [at-l] Companion vs Handbook...

Not to mention a Sharp Telemail, modern camera (it has computer chips in 
it after all; and that doesn't even begin to touch digital camaeras), or 
people who might have disabilities of any sort (his site would be much 
more useful if he didn't use a tiny font, sizing it down by 1 from the 
standard size and choosing a small font in the first place).

Besides, I still haven't gotten the 2000 edition of his book. Need to 
call the bank and find out what happened with the check and void it if I 
can (I got my ALDHA 2000 Companion just a few days after ordering it).

  ** Ken **

On 2/29/2000 12:37 AM The Redhead DaRedhead@aol.com wrote:

>One might mention here that it would be hard to get a jury of twelve using 
>that criteria <vbg>  And you'd probably have to rule out anyone carrying a 
>cel phone . . .

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